Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heads up 7-up

I never really liked this game when I was a kid. The whole put-head-down-put-thumb-up process just wasn't very appealing. Besides, I never got picked. Ever. Not even by my friends, who chose the popular kids in class. It's just very boring when all you do is hide your face in your arms and imitate a hitchhiker who never gets a ride.

But I'm in the minority. Nearly every class I've played this game with loved it. I mean, LOVED. IT. It's incredibly really, that students find this uncomplicated game so much fun.

Well, ok, I lied. I understand why 7-year-olds would like this game. But my fifth graders enjoyed it too - so much so that they played it for twenty minutes straight, and could have gone for more. I suspect that most of their enthusiasm for this game came from the rule that "girls must pick a boy, and boys must pick a girl." Which means ::gasp!:: they get to touch someone of the opposite sex! Yeah! Touching! Opposite sexes! Secrecy! Let the hormone dance begin!

Pros: physical activity. And my CT actually did a pretty ingenious link to math using probability. A good rainy-day game.

Cons: It's still boring.

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