Tuesday, June 30, 2009


One of the all time most popular games. Ever. I play it usually as a review game:

With first graders, I use a 3x3 chart on a half-sheet of paper. Students choose and write one sight word in each box. Then I draw the words one by one from a hat, using all the words on the given list (which is about 12, so there are always some that the students never write on their game board). When I'm feeling generous - or if I'm only tutoring in pairs - then I give them a sticker for each win.

This also works with math facts, vocabulary words, science/social studies facts, character/plot of story recall, etc.

Older students should have a larger board. I typically add one box on each side per every other grade level, starting with the 3x3.

Bingo is not a good activity for writing intensive content. Reasons are quite obvious.

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