Saturday, June 27, 2009

Experience working with children

Now that you've got your degree and passed the CBEST and CSET, you've also probably logged at least 20 hours of working with children in a school setting.

No? Dude, you're screwed.

No, not really. Out of all the requirements towards a CA teaching credential, accruing related work experience is one of the easiest. Well, for me it was.

Here's a list of things that count towards your 20 hours that most teacher education programs call for:

- tutoring
- babysitting
- observing a classroom teacher (ask your local school, most are very obliging when they know what you are doing)
- day-care work
- after-school work
- teaching abroad
- healthcare with children
- having your own children (yes, this counts too)
- Boys & Girls Club volunteering
- church and other religious volunteer work
- mentoring
- Boy/Girl Scouts leader

The list goes on. Basically anything goes, which is why it is so easy. Most people have this down way before all the other things that need to happen before they take their first methods course.

It's best to have someone write an official letter documenting your efforts. The parents of the people you baby-sit for, the religious leader of the location where you take part in the children's ministry. Also keep important information filed away yourself: you'll most likely need the addresses and phone numbers of all the places or contacts you've worked.

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