Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Splish splash

There are still eighteen days until the first day of summer, but if you live in any place like the place I live, then you are already in the midst of hot days of blazing sunshine.

Water games is something I wouldn't do in a typical classroom. Good thing my Sunday school kids do not belong in a typical classroom. We had our yearly water games on the last Sunday in May, and boy was it fun!

Note: special days can be water game days. I went to the local water slide park while in middle school, and my fifth grade class was planning on it for the end of the school year so it doesn't seem like an uncommon thing.

Materials needed:
- a deluxe box of water balloons, filled (I typically make 20-40 per student; they go quick)
- large buckets or plastic tubs to hold the filled water balloons
- slip n' slide (optional)
- bubbles (optional; we used these for the pre-school kiddos)
- hose (for adult use only! it can get very very very very bad if kids get their hands on this)
- small containers, water guns, and the like for a water fight (also optional, but fun to end the day with just to get every single student soaking wet, even the apprehensive ones)

Typical water balloon games I play:

- The Big Toss (form two lines facing each other, about 2 steps apart. students toss water balloon. Take a step back. Toss again. Repeat until everyone breaks their balloon on the ground or a body)

- Water balloon tag (self-explanatory. safety rules - hit nothing above the waist, the back is a good target. I usually reserve the extra-large balloons for this game because they break easily and painlessly)

- Basket-water balloon (students form teams. teams take turns getting their balloon in the basket. block a shot by catching or breaking the balloon)

- Collect the Rubber Scraps (so the name needs work, so what? I like this game at the very end because many of my students avoid getting wet, and since you can't collect the rubber scraps of water balloons unless you pop one, this game is perfect. also, the students do the clean up for me)

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