Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogger of the week

I woke up at 4AM again today, and had another post planned, but decided to push that back for this one.

Sometimes I get so very wrapped up in the classroom and at school and around students that I forget how to have a decent conversation with adults not in the education profession. I would be a robot, an unspeaking, unthinking robot unless I'm thinking or speaking about teaching.

This. Is. So. Not. Healthy.

So it's nice to have internet inspiration from Tommy at Notes by Naive. Her pictures and stories make me want to visit London, and other places. To think about things other than lesson plans. To remember and live a wider, deeper world outside of those four walls that can seem like just another cubicle - albeit, with 35 young cubicle-mates who don't always put their stuff back where it belongs.

Frankly, the very first reason why I check Tommy's blog more often for updates than at any other education blog (yes, even more so that the great Joanne Jacobs) is for the very shallow reason that it is pretty. Not many education/teacher blogs that I've read are pretty. Or have photos (which, by the way, does make for boring reading, shallow or not). Or even touch on anything else other than complaints about the system and the classroom. Come on teacher bloggers! Let's open our eyes to something else, because it might just help us open our students eyes to something beyond themselves.

Or maybe it's just me. But I do get tired of being so tongue-tied around people. Especially the fact that sometimes, people won't listen to what I have to say unless it's about teaching, or their kids, or other problems in life that has to do with education and knowing stuff. Which is to say, all of it. Anne of Windy Poplars much?

Ok, now I'm just complaining about the system and the classroom. Time for more Notes by Naive.

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