Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A day in the life of a (student) teacher #1

6:10 AM Breakfast.

7:30 AM Tennis.

10:45 AM Google Reader, and a mid-morning pick-me up. Summer nectarines make perfect smoothies, although I always forget to peel it before dropping it into the blender. Thus the non-photogenic peel bits.

1:03 PM Quick lunch for one. Crack egg in bowl, add a dash of water, microwave 30 secs, add rice, microwave another 30 secs, add dash of soy sauce and pepper. I would have added some veggies too, but the left over ones were not good, and I was too lazy to prep fresh ones.

2:41 Afternoon naps to while away the hotter part of the day.

6:59 The makings and eatings and cleaning ups of dinner.

8:52 A quiet end to a quiet day.

Eating and sleeping all day. I quickly become a hobbit during the summer months.


Janet said...

i love summers like that, don't you?

bun2bon said...

That's right!