Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm back from one of the most wonderful vacation travels ever. But I'm biased because Hong Kong is just too awesome a city. Also I was born there. I had an excellent time with family and friends, shopping and eating, walking the city and taking photos (not very good ones for the most part, but I'm learning as I go), relaxing and getting in some swim and tennis time too.

But I'm back and I have so many ideas for the blog and teaching - and for life in general, travel does that do me, that inspirational smack in the face - that I've probably forgotten half of them because I failed to write them down. They'll come back to me, I have no fear.

Before I left, I had set up scheduled posts. One a day, every day for the past 28 days or so that I was gone recharging my batteries. I peeked in once every so often to check on things. I haven't touched Google Analytics at all, so I don't know how TCLB is doing. Of course I would like more readers, but in the end I write for myself. It would be nice for more people to develop a genuine interested in education, however. It's one of those topics that touches every single facet of life, no exceptions.

I have no more scheduled posts past July 2nd so far, but I anticipate getting back on track with no worries. All those ideas right? I just want to leave a note to myself:

Take a break every so often! Ms. Ng, this time you were burnt out to the point of collapse and you didn't know it until you had recovered three months later. Take care of yourself! You will teach more effectively when you are in good shape yourself.

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