Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just a note...

Blue skies, open road, dirty car.

Should I be happy that some of my cohort-mates have not found jobs yet? No.

Am I jealous of their plight? Also no.

Last night, I hung out with some of my cohort-mates for one of their farewell parties. It involved a dark, slightly dank & sticky place (again, I must implore, what happened to all the "clean, well-lit places????"), REALLLY REALLY loud and bass heavy karaoke (this was what prompted me to leave early in the end, I wasn't going to drink since I had a 45 minute drive home, and I wasn't going to sing because I didn't know any of the songs - I do know that I prefer Asian-style karaoke over American-style karaoke).

It was fun though for a while there. Good to see people. Sorry to have missed J, but my head was pounding like a sledgehammer from the unaccustomed to noise.

Keep your chins up guys! I can't say you'll find a job soon, but I'm sure you will find one.

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