Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh the frustration

This is less classroom philosophy and more human being philosophy. Spring 2009 was a horrendous semester. Fine. I know. I'm working on my teaching flaws as we speak. I'm looking forward to the fall when I can finally finish phase 3 (take 2) and move on.

But this, now, is most definitely not my fault. You tell me that I have to re-do student teaching, course number 430B. Fine, I'll re-do it. I'll re-do it so brilliantly that you'll regret ever withdrawing me the first time around. However, I can't re-do it if I can't register for the course. And I can't register for the course, because you haven't given me the registration code.

This is the financial aide/course registration mobius strip all over again. Come on people, the second time is never as amusing.

Hell yeah you are going to give me a grace period so that the university doesn't issue late registration fees on me. Hell yeah you are going to go after the registration code provider - whoever or whatever that is - to get my registration codes. You neglected me in the spring. You're neglecting me now. So hell yeah I'm going to hound you about it, even though you think me annoying as it is. Honey, you don't know annoying. This is only the beginning if you don't get your ass into gear.

More and more I'm discovering that bad teaching days really have nothing at all to do with students, or teaching. And when it does, I can accept it. I can work on solving it. But something like this stupid registration code thing just boggles my mind to no end.

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