Sunday, July 5, 2009

Standards Sundays

Some 10+ years ago, California decided to revamp public schools by making all curricula taught from K-12 "standards based." Now this term has been tossed around so often that I sometimes forget what it actually means. So here is a new series that will explore the California content standards for public schools.

All the standards ca be found here, for free. However, publishers like to make green student teachers, brand new to their teacher preparation programs, believe that you have to buy the standards in book form. Each book costs about $30. There are a total of nine different subjects for the content standards. You do the math.

Educational research has shown that standards-based teaching improves student scores on standards-based tests. No kidding. But there is research that shows students learn more/better with the standards than without. Point is, let's take this and own it. If we are required under law to teach according to whatever the government tells us to teach, then let's make the best of it.

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