Monday, August 17, 2009

As if they were washer/dryers, and knowledge is dirty laundry

"There is a new pedagogic term for introducing children to these testing practices [as in those pesky state and federal mandated testing] beginning at a very early age. The term, according to a teacher-educator in Ohio, is 'front-loading children,' a usage that appears to have originated in the world of capital investment. ('Short-term pain for long-term gain,' this educator said, is how the term has been explained to her.) No matter how offensive this may be to teachers, school officials often feel they have no choice but to aply these practices during the first two years of school, a tendency that has been forcefully encouraged by directives coming from the Bush administration." - from The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol

Wait, what?

Not that the Bush administration was the evil of evil, but really? Seriously? Because my teacher preparation program taught me this "front-loading" technique, when it is actually counter-productive to real learning?

You've got to be kidding me.

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