Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog birthday!

We interrupt field trip Fridays for a special anniversary!

It's been a full year since I started this blog. 4000+ views. 221 entries. Let's have another productive year! But first, something a little more selfish.....

10 Things That Start with "I"

1. I teach art part-time in after-school classes. Yet, I cannot for the life of me draw on my own. Copying yes, creating something myself, not so much.

2. I'm a teacher, and I often hear many teachers say that one of their main reasons for getting into teaching is because they like kids. I, on the other hand, generally don't like kids very much and still cringe at the idea of having one of my own some day.

3. I was born on August 26 in Hong Kong on a blustery, typhoon-y afternoon. From kindergarten through 12th grade, the first day of school more often than not fell exactly on my birthday. This may be why I like the quarter term (aka trimester terms) system more than the semester term system.

4. I started wanting to be a writer in fourth grade. Prior to that, I had no idea what profession I wanted. My third grade teacher was very annoyed at me when I was the only student in her class that couldn't come up with a straight answer to the topic question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" She would not take, "I want to be happy," nor did she take, "I want to build snowmen." Note: it never/rarely snows where I live - the elevation is too low.

5. I enjoy sleeping very much. It is not uncommon to find me asleep for 75% of the day (not usually all at once, but it's not impossible). It is suspected that I have some sort of thyroid malfunction, but I have never had it checked out officially. I say I don't have the time to deal with endless doctors and tests and medication, but the real reason is why cure something that I don't want to get rid of?

6. I get bored, and annoyed, relatively easily. I'm pretty sure I would not be friends with me if I were not me. Thus, I highly treasure the friends that I do have for putting up with me.

7. I have had the following pets: fish, dogs, birds, a hamster, and now a rabbit.

8. I speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Italian, although none with any sort of advanced fluency. Nope, not even English. Especially when I don't know the person I'm talking to very well.

9. I write most of my blog entries several days ahead of its scheduled posting date. If there is more than one post for that date, the one that isn't posted at 6:00 AM is the one that I spontaneously decided to write.

10. I prefer cold weather to hot weather, tea to coffee, savory to sweet, skirts to jeans, shady to direct sunlight, coast to inland, and visual to audio. However, I like to mix work and play.


Jeneka said...

Congrats on one very successful year of blogging! I really love reading your blog, and also really enjoyed today's post. Hope you have fun in WA, and can't wait to see you on Monday!

bun2bon said...

Thanks Jeneka! It was so fun to hang out with you today. =)

Anonymous said...

just stumbled on your is interesting...but I have the exact opposite preferences that you have. e.g. coffee, inland, warm weather are my preferences.

bun2bon said...

Be assured that your personal preferences, and you reading this blog, in no way bothers me on any level.

Happy reading!