Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A day in the life of a (student) teacher #2

6:45 AM - Morning baking of breakfast. Burnt parts were cut off. Scones are good with peanut butter and grape jelly.

7:20 AM - Gardening. This lavender plant sprouts so many more flowers after some pruning.

9:30 AM - Post office run.

11:05 AM - Crocheting is another craft I would like to bring to the classroom. This one would be even cheaper, since there is a way to do it without needles, only yarn.

12:41 PM - Lunch time! During the summer, I like this meal time the best. But during the school year, I like this meal time the least.

1:10 PM - Books, books, books.

3:16 PM - Bunny time is also the best time of the day!

4:52 PM - Small strawberries somehow taste so much better than those large, bloated ones.

6:01 PM - Thinking about the day I finally graduate from this too-long program.....well, whose fault is that? ::sigh::

8:30 PM - I'm a sucker for anything than includes mango. Yum.

10:27 PM - Making things clean and tidy before I call it a day. Makes waking up tomorrow that much nicer.

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