Friday, August 28, 2009

Field trip Fridays: the park

I might have posted these photos already, but the point is, the local park is a perfect place for a field trip.

If there is one within walking distance, I would totally go. Like the beach, some sort of picnic is in order. I've never seen this done before, neither have I actually done it myself, but it might be a good idea to arrange with the city's parks and rec department to provide some of those large orange garbage bags, gloves, and maybe those poker things too so that the students can clean up the park. Community service is a big deal to me.

Even paint and paint brushes to cover up graffiti would work too. An even better idea, of course, is to have students design a 1x1 foot square area and let them paint that on the sidewalk, or a wall, at the park.

Although I wouldn't waste $400 on a bus just to drive to the park, so I probably won't take my students here if we can't hoof it back and forth.

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