Monday, August 3, 2009

Media Mondays: Lessons from (an imaginary) high school

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Some schools may already be back in session, but I've still got another three weeks before I get back to work (REM: contact CT today) and I've been enjoying my summer very nicely. I've traveled on planes and will road trip soon. I've cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. I've re-organized all my papers and paperwork. I've read. A lot. I've shopped more, doubling my wardrobe. I got a pet rabbit. I hung out with old friends and family. I've played. I've worked too.

And I've caught up on my favorite TV shows, plus re-enjoyed some old ones.

Azumanga Daioh is a riot of a series. Made about 10 years ago, the animation is on the border of fresh and old school, but the stories are still applicable. Especially the episode when the girls and their teachers reflect on their lives so far as well as their lives to come.

"I couldn't help but watch, because that was such a wonderful yawn."

"There are times when I can't tell the difference between them [them being curry rice and hash meat rice - sometimes it is hard for me to tell the difference in taste of certain foods too]!"

"That's right! We're in a difficult job where we educate such promising youths!"

"The convenience store at night is fun! I heard that when you grow up, you can go in the dead of night. I wish I can grow up more quickly."

"I can't imagine it just yet."

"Whenever we try really hard at something, we start to get impatient with it."

"But I think I can sleep now, after looking at the cherry blossoms."

"Is it strange that I get stressed out by doing something I love?"

"It's ok. It doesn't matter that those boring guys don't like us."

"Hey, why didn't I join any clubs?"
"You're asking that now?"
"Oh well."

"Maybe they thought that we were too childish?"

"Do what you want. It's your life."

"Bravo! That's an awesome yawn!"

How much does that ring true? At least for me. It does feel like I'm perpetually existing in a child's world - perhaps that just comes with the job. But I've experienced a little of the adult's world too, and from what I can tell, I like the child's version better. Although sometimes being a grown up has its perks too.

Hey now, there's nothing wrong with being in the "Go Home Club," no?

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