Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Genetics has not gifted me with the best eye sight, but I work with it. I actually like my look with glasses more than without, most of the time. I look sharper, more awake (probably because my glasses magnifies my eyes to twice their normal size) and thus more authoritative. Contacts are for high impact sports and dressy events. Thus, I normally don't wear contacts for teaching.

On the rare occasion that I do, my students always give me these funny looks and ask me what happened to my glasses. Depending on my mood, I would say:

- "I lost them."
- "What are you talking about, I never had glasses." (this one is the most fun because 90% of the time they believe me - until I show up the next day in glasses)
- the truth

Then they would always ask why. Why are you wearing contacts instead of glasses, Ms. Ng? Or the vice versa, why do you wear glasses when you can wear contacts?

Because I can. That's why.


vicky said...

when i was little, i freaked out about the next day, cuz i was afraid i wouldn't recognize my teacher. like, if she didnt wear the exact same thing she wore the day before, i thought i wouldnt know who she was.

but that only happened when we had subs, which didnt happen often. i think.

bun2bon said...


You know, sometimes I freak out because I can't recognize my students the next day too! Haha!