Friday, September 18, 2009

The class "Hermione Granger"

This semester is the very first class where I actually have blonde kids in my room. Multiple blonde kids. It's quite amazing that I'm still getting used to that.

Well, they aren't your typical white bread American blonde kids. They are first generation Russians and Ukrainians. Diversity: one major reason I love California. And I mean REAL diversity, not the type of diversity that people (especially politicians) like to call "diverse" when it is more like 99% African American. That is not diverse. That is 99% African American. Call it what it is, folks.

Anyway, there is this one blonde kid, Irene*, who is actually a sixth grader (split class - the way things are these are going to be more like the norm than not from now on). Smart kid, very sociable. You know, just from the way she dresses, speaks, and carries herself, that her home life is decently healthy and happy. She is one of nine at GE who scored a perfect 600 on the CST last year. She has this Eastern European accent that is very pleasant on the ears, similar to the way a British accent sounds exotic and cultured at the same time.

And I swear she is the spitting image of Hermione Granger (aka Emma Watson). No joke. From face to personality to brains. Well, ok, her personality is one peg down from bossy, but still. You can't believe how odd that is for me. Would that make me Professor McGonagall?

Hm, would it be too forward of me to suggest to her parents to consider professional modeling activities for Irene? Any extra curricular activity is a learning experience too.

Photo: Guardian News and Media

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