Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Media Mondays on a Wednesday: Calisphere


Yeah, yeah, I know it isn't Monday, but I posted an activities tag on Monday so I might as well do a flip-flop switch and go back to the media on activities Wednesday.

Although I've added a couple links to the lists on the right, I haven't actually taken the time to read any of them carefully enough to write about them here. So instead, I'll talk about another educational resource.

Calisphere is awesome, free, hosted my my alma mater conglomerate, and I'm deeply, deeply in love with it. And I've only browsed through 1% of it's entire database. It'll be a life-long love then.

I found Calisphere through my history/social studies methods class. Most of it is specific to California only, but with some creativity and Powerpoint magic, it can be turned for the use of all subjects - even outside of social studies.

Most of the time I spend on this site is just looking at random photos. Whatever random clicking I do, I'll follow it: from Japanese internment camps to gold rushing to the 'fro-riffic civil rights movement like above. Yeah, I know there's more to learn about the civil rights than their clothes, but I've been reading through Painfully Hip's archives recently and that's really all I can think about right now.

Pictures, where history comes alive in more ways than just the "pretend to be those people back then" one.

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