Thursday, September 3, 2009

I think I'm going to like this semester

My natural habitat - like streets for pigeons.

Structured classroom. Check!

Layered, flexible, hierarchal management system. Check!

Clearly stated, set out, and enforced procedures for pencils, drinks, bathroom, lining up, and movement (or in this case, restriction thereof) within the classroom. Check!

Motivating, separate rewards/consequences system for academic success. Check!

The fact that I don't have to arrive at school 2 FREAKING HOURS before the bell. Check!

The luxury to take my time observing. Check!

Everything in its place and every place assigned for something. Check!

Students with backgrounds that make them very unlikely to bring golf balls to school to smash the light covers with. Check!

Weekly desk checks. Check!

A CT who did not inform me on our first meeting that he has failed many student teachers in the past, but one who has NEVER failed a student teacher. Ever. Check!

So I told my CT that I LOVE desk checks. I think he got the wrong idea, considering the way he replied. What I meant was that I love desk checks BECAUSE IT HELPS TO KEEP STUDENTS ORGANIZED. And there is nothing like an organized student to facilitate learning. But he probably thought I was crazy to enjoy looking into those black holes for books and papers and trash.

Please, oh please, let it be my final semester of student teaching.


Janet said...

i love you post. it makes me almost thrilled to be student teaching too....

oh wait, i'm not student teaching.

but i'm sure enthused just watching your write about it. =)

bun2bon said...

Hehe. It's a much more productive placement than my last one, I think. I hope it all goes well.