Sunday, September 13, 2009

Standards Sundays: Grade 5 literary response and analysis


There are only seven different sub-topics in this content strand, but just reading them makes my mind boggle a little. Also, I've come to realize with this closer inspection of the standards that the standards themselves hold no clue as to how to go about teaching students these things they are supposed to learn at these particular time markers of their young academic life.

And that was an awful sentence structure. Hm, I've got to work hard to teach this subject well, haven't I?

Things fifth graders are supposed to know about literary response and analysis:

> identify and analysis the structure of fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry as well as explain the author's use for each
> identify the conflict in the plot and explain the resolution
> discuss character actions, motives, and appearances and their importance to the story
> know what theme means and recognize it in text
> describe functions and effects of literary devices
> evaluate archetypal patterns/symbols across different cultures and eras
> evaluate author's techniques to influence the reader

I had to look up the word, "archetypal." How sad is that?

The most important ones here seem to be the first on genres and the one about recognizing themes. Or that's what I think.

Most of this stuff is apparent just by close examination of text. It's pretty much a certain thing in some cases, however, that examining the text so closely just sucks the joy out of reading. I'm also out of ideas on how to teach this stuff: other than the "archetypal" method of using discussion questions.

Hm, story mapping would still be put to good use here. I love graphical organization of information.

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