Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back to school night #2

Last week, I experienced my second back-to-school night as a teacher. It was pretty fun. GE is one of those schools that has a high parent involvement percentage. And by parent involvement percentage, I mean at least 75% of them attend back-to-school night.

Out of my class of 28 students, 19 students' parents/family showed up. That was a number I didn't see at WB. It's probably a number that wouldn't happen often at EIB either. GE is an awesome school like that.

But there were some unhappy parents too. Mainly because they don't like the fact that we are teaching 5th grade social studies and science to both the 5th and 6th graders. Which is understandable, I would be angry too if that happened to my kid.

I would also raise some money to hire another teacher to relieve this problem as well. At least a part-time social studies/science teacher, if not a full-time, contracted one. There are crazy things happening with this district, and parents aren't the only ones who are unhappy about it.

I had a positive experience with back-to-school nights so far. Enough so that I'm willing to do more than just give my own classroom spiel to my students' parents. The local Jamba Juice decided to sponsor our back-to-school night this year. Which was awesome and hilarious at the same time. There's a thesis idea in the works over this concept in my head.

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