Thursday, October 8, 2009

The class "Eager Beaver"

Not a beaver, but close enough.

I've never met a student "eager beaver" until my current class came along. Wow. What a different world teaching this student is.

He likes to echo the teacher. He likes to get ahead with assignments - no matter how poorly he did in the one he *thinks* he just finished. He likes to tell his peers what to do.

I'm using "he" here, but of course it's not limited to males.

This kid may likely develop OCD tendencies as he gets older. Was I like this too? It's a little insane at how much he wants to move forward, checking off a list for the sake of checking off a list. Like a bulldozer. It's difficult to teach him to be patient, enjoy the moment, and go back and fix his mistakes.

But I suppose life will teach him these things much better than I ever can.

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