Thursday, November 26, 2009

Events on Thanksgiving, before there was a Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for Haagen Dazs.

Last year, I posted about one school activity for Thanksgiving.

This year, I'm posting about other significant events that fall on this day. Since we are doing the Age of Exploration in social studies right now, let's talk about Captain James Cook and how he became the first European to land on Maui, on November 26, 1778!

Item #1: I wouldn't mind it if I was in Maui right now.

Item #2: Captain James Cook probably had much to be thankful for on that day. For example, he was probably thankful that he ship didn't capsize in the middle of the Pacific.

It's funny how people create random holidays like Thanksgiving. Not that it isn't a good thing. I would like to see more holidays, actually, especially between Labor Day and Veteran's Day. It's funny because most American holidays celebrate wars, the end of wars, conquests (aka Thanksgiving), and such. While, say, most of Europe takes the entire month of August off just for the heck of it.

Cultural differences and commonalities are fun, no?

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