Monday, November 16, 2009

Media Mondays: Taskstream

Time for a replacement.

But don't replace it with something else that will fall apart even faster.

Taskstream is an online tool that I was required to subscribe to ($69 for 2 years). I still have it, but I don't use it anymore. Why? Because it is a completely useless piece of technology that gave me more headaches than not.

But we had to have it, because that was how we submitted our PACT project. So we used it.

I don't like it because only subscribers can access/post lesson plans on it. Which is nice, but if I can get lesson plan ideas for free elsewhere, why would I want to pay money for it?

It is also the most user-unfriendly thing on the face of the internet. Sure, it is customizable with colors and fonts. But there are way too many drop-down boxes, too many columns, too much clicking through things to get to the exact thing that I want. Too much of a hassle to keep up on a regular basis. I know of no one in my class who still uses this after submitting their signature assignments. I know of no actual teacher who uses this for lesson planning and sharing. It is just too time consuming for what little benefit it brings.

So I'm going to take Taskstream off my Educational resources links list. Although it's nice to know what a bad example of an educational tool is, I don't want to fill up space with something I no longer use.

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