Sunday, November 22, 2009

Standards Sundays: Grade 5 life science

This post should also be known as another reason to flaunt the cuteness that is my rabbit.

In fifth grade, the life sciences are all about systems. Systems for breathing, eating, excreting, and the transport of materials within an organism. I'm still not so sure about this "students know" terminology splattered all over the standards. Know is a very, very low order of thinking. Besides, just because a kid can regurgitate something from a textbook doesn't mean much when it comes to true comprehension.

I'm no longer teaching fifth grade science in my current classroom. The fifth graders go out to another class, while the sixth graders stay. I like sixth grade science better, so far. It is nice to have a small group of fourteen students for a 50 minute period each week. The possibilities for labs and demos are nearly endless. My CT showed me where to order owl pellets, which this class will dissect in December. Can you say awesome?


Jenny said...

Sounds like you're having a great time with student teaching! By the way...I LOVE your blog! I wish I would have documented my experiences somewhere during student teaching. I look forward to reading more :)

bun2bon said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment. It is never too late to document the crazy that is teaching. =)

Jenny said...

You are definitely right about that!