Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are all going to die

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If international media is portraying panic over swine flu accurately, then we would all have died of it by now. Pigs win.

Thankfully, it is not like that. Sure, some flu shot clinics around the Sacramento metro area have closed for some reason (I wasn't patient enough to wait for the news to say why they closed, just that they did and OMGHIDEUNDERTHECOVERS!). But other than a flyer or two going home to the parents, hand cleaner every day in class, nothing much has changed.

I have not taken the swine flu shot. I haven't even taken the regular flu shot - haven't since I turned the ripe old age of 24 and was no longer covered by my mom's health insurance. I have purchased my own, if only because I know it is a smart thing to do. But I have the cheap-o-matic coverage for the huge things. And the flu shot is not one of them.

I can shell out $20 and get the flu shot at my local Walgreens or Target (Safeway sometimes have them now too). Clinic shots are usually more expensive, plus you have to wait forever with mounds of paper work to keep you company.

Bunny trail: I really dig Taiwan's idea of each individual keeping their own health records on a "smart card." Your information travels with you, not with your doctor or health plan or whoever. More power to the consumer!

I haven't yet shelled out that $20. Probably won't this winter. I don't know why though, because this is a smart thing to do too. I've taken the flu shot every year, with one or two exceptions when I was out of the country, from the age of 7 through 24. My parents nag me about it every year. My excuse is that it is such a hassle (it is) and I want to use 2-3 hours of my life doing something other than filling out forms and filing them with my insurance (which I do).

The point of this post, I've forgotten. Taiwan's health care rules? Maybe that was it.

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vicky said...

Ken doesn't want to get the flu shot either. He thinks that its a bit dangerous to get a weakened flu virus injected into you so that it will protect you. Just means you've got to be more pro-active in being hygenic! As a teacher, I bet you have to be.

(Wow, can you believe it was 3 yrs ago when we went out to SF the day after Thanksgiving for dim sum, the first Chronicles of Narnia w/ Kristine, and a little shopping??! CRAZY!)

bun2bon said...

3 years, really? haha. can you believe it was 7 (almost eight) years ago that we were freshmen at UCD? crazy.

vicky said...

WOW... 7 years since we first had dinner at the DC together???

bun2bon said...

hehe. we are getting so old. but I think I'm ok with that. =)