Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decision made, let's rock 2010's eve

Although my plans for my favorite holiday this year consists of less rocking and more quality time with the rabbit and Animal Crossing on Game Cube (they have fun activities for NYE), it's peaceful to know that I've finally made a decision about what to do with the buckets of offers from TEFL abroad positions.

Teaching abroad will always be something I like to do - want to do - but right now, the better choice would be to find a position in CA. The better first choice that is. I'm going to stick around until the spring/early summer job fairs are over before jumping across the ocean again. That's my choice and since I've lived with it quite nicely for the past twelve hours after weeks of mulling and indecisiveness (which I hate as a general rule in people, but most of all in myself), I think I can live with it until June.

So. Art and tutoring and (crosses fingers) subbing, here I come!

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