Monday, December 21, 2009

Media Mondays: Wall-E

Yes, I am the last person on earth to watch Wall-E, so what of it? I do have a lot more to do during a typical day than keep up with pop culture.

But it's winter break, so I set up a Netflix account again, after two years of it being dormant, and have been taking advantage of the two week free trial pretty much non-stop for the past 24 hours or so.

Wall-E was among the first on my list. It's a pretty good movie - as most Disney/Pixar collaborations are (side note: is it just me, or are the ONLY good Disney films of recent history related to Pixar?).

It is also a pretty entertaining moral story, not only for the environment, but for individual thinking. Thinking about consumerism, thinking about reading, thinking about learning things, thinking about your own body, what you put into it, what you do with it, and what comes out of the one life you live. Because we are not all robots with replaceable parts. Yet.

Thinking about thinking too. And if the one thing that people don't do enough of, other than reading, is thinking.

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vicky said...

its not just you. the ONLY good Disney movies ARE related to Pixar. not just the graphics/story line, but the underlying message underneath too.

bun2bon said...

I know! why is that, I wonder?