Saturday, December 12, 2009

Solo done!

Where can I find these little lights of hope when my confidence is broke?

Yesterday was my last day of solo. Overall, the two weeks went decently. The entire semester was productive too.

All I have left before I get my preliminary credential is the final evaluation, and filing for graduation with the university and the CCTC.

Yet, I still have this nagging fear that they will fail me. Because CSUS has been known to guide a student teacher through the entire semester and then say at the very end, "You are not good enough."

Although they didn't tell me at the very end, they did make me waste a good six months of my life.

In my eyes, I passed. But I can't shake off that nagging fear.


Janet said...

when do you find out?

bun2bon said...

Today. I passed! Will officially get my credentials from the CCTC in - guess what - 3 to 6 months! w00t!

Until the hard copy of the actual thing is in my hands, I have a letter from CSUS that vouches for me. =)