Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another year of teaching under the belt

How I spent my New Year's Eve:

7:25 PM - Started with a load of dishes.

7:40 PM - Then some baking. Plain yellow cake mix. I tossed in a handful of confetti sprinkles and topped them off with broken pieces of Ghiradelli chocolates. Yum.

8:12 PM - Quality time with Netflix and Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor is quite attractive, and I'm not only referring to the trench-coat-brown-pinstripes-converse-sneaker combination. Which is rather stylish as well.

8:28 PM - Dessert is ready!

11:57 PM - Animal Crossing celebrations are oddly much more entertaining than anything the major networks dished out this year.

11:58 PM - Getting my toast ready. OJ in a fancy glass.

12:02 AM - w00t! 2010!

12:03 AM - Mo says, "What's all the fuss about?" And yes, I did clink my glass against his water bottle. My level of craziness has already been established even before adopting a rabbit.

Technically, I'm in my third year of teaching experience - but I'm going to call the remainder of this school year, and all of the next, my first year anyway. I'm no longer a student teacher! Can't explain how good that feels. Any teaching related adventures starting now will be tagged "first year."


vicky said...

you definitely know how to celebrate in style!! (=

bun2bon said...

Thanks! How did you spend yours? =)

vicky said...

struggling to stay up until 12 am, and then flipping thru most of the channels trying to find the SF fireworks instead of the New York celebration. ><" we ended up missing it! hahaha...

bun2bon said...

That's ok. Fireworks are sometimes over-rated anyway. =p