Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life lesson #5: hippy dippy froyo

Love the stuff. Can't stand the word, "froyo" though.

Everyone starts pretty much the same, although some people have bigger bowls and some have the smaller kind.

Those with the waffle bowls have the most fun.

You can choose whatever is available, but sometimes, timing is everything. It sucks to get the last dredges of yogurt from the dispenser.

Toppings are superficial. If you don't have a strong yogurt base, then it's all just chopped up bits and pieces.

That said, toppings make the whole thing fun.

Sometimes, people have near empty bowls. Others may end up with overflowing ones. Being happy with what you've got makes the experience nicer.

If you want to get more, then you have to pay more.

Unless you have connections. Then you might get a freebie.

Eat it all and eat it quick. The melted frozen yogurt mess at the end isn't pretty - it's also a waste.

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