Friday, January 8, 2010

Too old

Some thoughts today:

You know you're too old to jump on the bed when your bed breaks after an awesome jump where I scraped my head on the ceiling.

As usual, the job hunt is on my mind. Constantly. Although I haven't done much about since before winter break. It's too discouraging.

Thinking of choices. Past, present, and future choices. Hm. Turn left, Doctor?

When laziness takes hold, it doesn't let go, does it?


Jeneka said...

This was a good one Bonnie! I love it that you still jump on the bed! I think the key to never growing old is staying young at heart. Jumping on the bed is a great way to do that!

bun2bon said...

Yes it is! I was just feeling a little restless that day. Jumping on my bed made me relax a little bit.