Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Abolition of Man

Ok, definitely not kids' lit, as the tag below says. This book is barely grown-up lit, considering that The New York Times is written at a 7th grade level and all.

In short, this is one dense book.

Dense, but compact. A scant three chapters long, it took me a week to finish it. Then another two weeks to re-read it for actual understanding. The language is a little arcane, which didn't help matters that much. C.S. Lewis lived in the 20th century, yet he tends to write like a 12th century monk. No judging, just an observation. It's probably because he was a professor of medieval and renaissance English.

Still, a very thought provoking read. I'm never not shocked at how education hasn't changed a single iota in the past millennium. Someday, that shock will turn into de-sensitization, I suppose. Until then, I'm ok with being shocked every so often. Wakes me up a little, you know?

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