Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Muji needs to move closer to the West Coast

My favorite pencil - one that I've had for nearly 9 years - died on my this month. I had fed it cheapo pencil lead, which breaks easily, and thus smashes into powder easily. Which then clogs the mechanism in my mechanical pencil. Boo to cheapo lead.

Luckily, I had some forethought and bought two more when I was in Hong Kong last summer. It's great because usually my fore-thinking is just worrying, since nothing that catastrophic has happened to me, for which I'm thankful for.

It's just nice to be reminded that thinking forwardly is useful, and not a waste of brain space after all.

Next up: use up that cheapo lead as fast as possible so I can get the good lead so my favorite, difficult to acquire, pencils won't break. Maybe give the lead to my students as a prize? What? They have cheapo Bic pencils. Not my precious, genius, and simplistically designed pencils.


vicky said...

what about Japantown in SF? they have quality pencil lead, i think. or you don't even have to go to Japantown - at the Westfield in downtown SF, there's this store called Maido that also sells quality pencil lead.

*sigh* the price we pay for being pencil snobs. i shudder every time i see/am forced to use a regular pencil.

bun2bon said...

hahaha! yes, I'm definitely a "pencil snob."