Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh grow up!

This blogger says it better than I can, so go there.

Well, the problem is set out. Now how to fix it? It's more than just cutting out slang and using "like" as a filler word. It's about confronting gossip in the face. It's about calling people out on their shit, in a constructive way. It's about staying clear and dry from scandal, put-downs, tattle-telling, and any and all non-beneficial comments. It's about saying sorry with sincerity and honestly patching things up with colleagues again.

In other words, is living a professional life that is completely opposite of the Gossip Girl crowd. When it's put that way, I'm sure many adults will cringe and turn a new leaf, not matter how hard it is to kill old habits.

Because who in the world really wants to be called Blair or Serena? I mean, really. Using "motherChucker" as a euphemism when you're old enough to rent a car is just sad.

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