Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The cough that won't go away

I've had this stupid cough for over a month now. I thought I was finally free of it, but it came back this morning all of a sudden.

The thing is, I didn't get this cough from a student. I got it from a parent. My fault entirely for going to her house. I didn't know she was that sick, or that contagious, or else I wouldn't have gone. I don't think she knew she was contagious either.

I hate coughs. My respiratory system has never been the same since teaching in China, where my school was surrounded by a coal refinery, a mutton processing plant, and a medical waste dump on three sides. The forth side was a prison, but that's not what made my lungs revolt.

I've been on an intense strategy fighting this thing. Liquids and scarves, medicine and surgical masks, sleep and protecting my voice whenever I can. It's worked. Last week was my first cough-free week since the middle of March.

And then it had to come back. I don't even know what I did for it to come back, unless I was around someone who was sick. Again. Dear people: when you are sick, don't ask your tutor to come to your house! I'm fine with rescheduling. I would rather miss one of your sessions than a full week's worth of all my student's sessions.



vicky said...

perhaps visit a doctor? what if its something worse than a cough? or maybe you can also visit a Chinese herb doc. they'll put the body back into balance for sure. d=

Amy said...

might be bronchitis!!! thats what i have usually if i have a cough for a month or two straight. its bc i have really weak lungs (asthma as a child) so if i'm around pollution, smokers, etc. I tend to get a slight case of it.

or you need an inhaler? might be slight asthma causing a cough

bun2bon said...

Vicky: The moment I made a doctor's appointment was the moment my cough went away. I canceled the appointment. Eh.

Amy: I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mild/seasonal case of asthma! I had also spent time around a couple of smokers. The state of air pollution doesn't help matters much for asthmatics.