Friday, April 16, 2010

Math tutoring for grown-ups

Never too old to learn, never too young to teach.

One of my newer tutoring students is a lady in her late 30's/early 40's. She has two kids, the oldest one is in 7th grade at a private boarding school four hours away. The younger one is in the 5th grade, and will most likely attend said boarding school. She has this beautiful house on a lake, with a pool.

And her math level is about the same as a 4th grader (or what a 4th grader is supposed to be at).

It's awesome she's going back to school, in a subject she doesn't know well and has little confidence in. It's awesome that she's brought up two really polite and smart kids this far. It's awesome that she's successful at her work (from what I can tell, it has something to do with the media and household stuff, a la Martha Stewart).

And it's crazy to me that she has gotten this far, been this successful, all while floating on 4th grade math skills.

Well, I guess success is defined in many ways. She's a great lady, a hard working student. It's still a little awkward for me to be teaching someone 20 years older than me. But it's cool too. There's no teenage lethargy, no elementary kid's desire to pay attention to EVERYTHING in the room ALL AT ONCE. Definitely getting the widest variety of students possible in this tutoring job.

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