Monday, April 5, 2010

Media Mondays: There, I Fixed It

Photo from here.

I've got to say, I would do the same thing if I couldn't find a ruler long enough for the chalkboard.

I've also got to ask: Why can't the school afford enough meter sticks to go around? If they can afford them, why did they not buy them? If they can afford them, and bought them, where did they all go?

All these questions are probably a moot point if the professor had a meter stick at hand and decided to use a chair leg anyway. Go eccentric professor!

There, I Fixed It is part of the Lolcats division for the handy-person in all of us. It's pretty great because some of those photos are superiorly stupid and others are actually quite smart ideas.

Or at least I think they are smart ideas. But then, I grew up in a household where we used old glass spaghetti jars to hold cookies.


vicky said...

spaghetti jars = cookie jars, great idea!

hope the cookies didnt taste like spaghetti sauce though.

bun2bon said...

hahaha! well, the sauce was already out, silly! XD

you can also use old spaghetti jars as a pencil/pen holder, flower vase, to make iced tea in, etc. I usually keep any container made from glass.

you can also make them pretty by painting the outside, or wrapping it in ribbon. =)