Wednesday, April 7, 2010

School marmy dresses: my version

I like dresses. I didn't used to like dresses. They got in the way a lot. Good thing I grew out of that, and learned how to move in a dress - as well as learned how to pick the right kind of dresses - or else my teaching clothes would be halved in volume.

The above was my favorite dress to wear with button up shirts underneath - that is, my favorite until the straps got stretched out and the entire thing died on me. It was comfortable, and went well with my orange cardigan.

This shirt dress is my current favorite, although it would definitely be too hot in about a month to wear. The material is quite heavy.

The above two are actually too short to wear without something else underneath, usually pants. Leggings as pants are not an option for me - too casual, and frankly, I feel weird wearing leggings as pants. Why on earth do manufacturers make dresses so short?

This is the oldest dress in my closet. I've only ever worn it to weddings, but it'll suffice as a costume change between the teaching day and parent-teacher conferences in the afternoons.

The black and purple one in this photo is a little fancier and have only been for weddings in the past. It's a very comfortable dress and goes will with a cap-sleeve shirt underneath.

I really love the pockets in the red dress above. Sadly, this one is on it's final breath and will be retired to the rag bin soon. I'm pretty tough on my clothes - but then, teaching is a tough-on-clothes kind of profession.

This last one is super comfy, but is already beginning to be stretched out. I bought it a size too big, not realizing the cotton top would stretch out so much so quickly. The skirt is my favorite part of the dress. It's airy and swishy and modern.

Looking back at these, I see a pattern of browns and florals. I guess I like earth tones in my dresses.

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