Saturday, May 15, 2010

When students graduate to bigger and better things

Pomp and Circumstance

I said good-bye to my Algebra 2 tutee this week. She passed her online class with a B, having started out with below an F when I first tutored her. It's great. She's getting a good enough GPA now for a merit scholarship. She's going to one of the most beautiful colleges on this side of the country. She's a great person, hard-working, smart, and has a lot of contribute to the world. Great things are in store for her.

It was a little sad, and a little nostalgic for me to see her graduate onward like that. I'm happy for her, and a little jealous. She's at the stage when everything is in front of her, and turning back only reveals good memories. What a lovely time that was.

Not that I don't have good things in store for me too. Nor does looking back at my own life reveal solely bad memories. It just that I know both good and bad were in the past, and both good and bad will be in the future. More realism, less "I wanna run through the halls of my high school," or "swim with you in the sea" feeling that those typical graduation-themed pop songs talk about.

Which is not a bad thing either. I'm glad I experienced both. My student will too, I suppose.


Ricochet said...

Make sure you keep a record (quantifiable) of your successes like this. It is a talking point as you move forward to your next step.

bun2bon said...

What exactly does a quantifiable record mean? Do I need my student to be a witness or something?