Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When technology hinders

Keeping it simple.

I love technology. As of this moment, I'm looking forward with great anticipation towards the arrival of my new Kindle. Can't wait to have books and books and books with me wherever I go.

That said, I also hate technology. I prefer writing in cute notebooks with Muji pens rather than typing out a document. I like real post-its, much more than the Stickies application. I like paper planners and calendars.

And I hate the Smart Board.

Well, I hate it when the Smart Board is used in such a way to hinder learning. My 4th grade tutee's teacher has a Smart Board in her classroom. According to my tutee, the teacher only uses the Smart Board to READ THE FREAKING DIGITAL TEXTBOOK OUT LOUD.

Isn't that a waste? There's so much more one can do with that thing. So many more learning intelligences to tap into.

Which brings me to my next point: my student does not learn from audio input very well. Things somehow get jumbled up in her head and it comes out very, very confused. If the one main method of teaching her classroom teacher uses is through reading text out loud, then no wonder she's struggling in school.

The worst thing is, I know that's not fair to her teacher. This teacher is probably doing her best, using as many methods as she can. It's just that this one student only remembers the things that aren't helpful to her own learning. It also doesn't help that her parents never acted on the multiple suggestions to get this kid tested for an IEP.

Because apparently, my tutee's parents have been told every year, since pre-school, to get her tested. She needs a doctor's recommendation, which the parents never got for her. And which is out of the school's hands, because the school is a school, NOT a medical facility.

Oh boy. So many thoughts in my head right now. And to think this post started out about technology. Then I keep digging deeper until the can of worms turned into a can of those underground desert creatures that Kevin Bacon tried to fight off in that one 80s movie.

Yep, keeping it simple is indeed difficult to do.

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