Friday, May 28, 2010

A window and a door

Yep. It's really good to see my students do well. Geometry Kid now has an A where he used to have a C. 4th and 5th grade NCLB students both need to go to summer school - which is no surprise - but at least they are more confident in their academics.

I picked up a last minute college student in Linear Algebra. Cramming for her final. I think she'll do ok, definitely pass I'm sure. But it is harder for an older person to learn this type of thing when her basic math isn't as solid as it should be. She also gives herself excuses like, "Oh, I'm dyslexic" or "I'm so much slower than other people." It was a long and dry 5 hours of tutoring with her. But I got across. She's not going to get the A that she hoped for though. Probably a B, which is pretty good, even without considering all her hang-ups in math.

Summer is officially here for me! A door and a window is ahead. Which will I go through? Did that make any sense whatsoever? No, not really - not even for me. Eh.


vicky said...

yay - linear algebra!! d= once you get a hang of it, its not so bad. sounds like you're a great tutor.

bun2bon said...

Hehe. Thanks!

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