Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trying to be more positive

I've been told my writing on this blog is too negative. Which has been true - I re-read the past month's entries, and yep, it's a lot of negativity.

I apologize for that. I'll work on turning that frown upside down.

Also, in my defense, I haven't been ALL sad faces ALL the time. Although, I suppose a lot of my sarcasm can seem really cold/cruel on the screen, without facial expressions and non-verbal language to make the punch line. This needs work as well. When jokes don't translate from the page to the reader, then the writing wasn't very good to begin with.

Still, I want to keep it real too. Real. Positive. Constructive. Better writing. Goals for this blog.


Ricochet said...

I would worry more if you were grinning and tap dancing across the screen, as it were.

You are in the difficult position of trying to find a home (job) when it's musical chairs and all the chairs are taken.

It will happen. Hang in there.

bun2bon said...

thanks. at least my patience threshold is expanding. =p

Anonymous said...

Deb-chan here! ^-^/

Huh? I never thought your blog was negative. 0.o; It has a healthy dose of cynicism sure, but beyond that, I think you're at least fairly positive.

But, perhaps I know you better than your other readers? (I have absolutely no idea if that's the case or not because I don't know who any of your other readers are. ^-^;;; )

Anyway, positivity is good as long as there's a reason for it. And looking for reasons to be positive in life is often be a good and healthy thing to do. But negativity is a part of life too, and while it isn't good to dwell on it too much, it shouldn't be ignored either.

bun2bon said...

Thanks Deb. =)

Healthy doses of cynicism can be dangerous in the teaching world. I've been in staff lounges where people start off with "healthy doses" and by the end of the school year, the environment is more toxic than anyone ever thought it would be - or wanted. Still should keep an eye out.

A lot of what I write is said jokingly. I'm glad you get it! Yeah, perhaps we just read a lot of each other's blogs and can pick up on that easier.