Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Why are you so terribly disappointing" article from SF Gate

Was occupied with this a lot, among other things.

Mulling over this article today:

After spending all of yesterday afternoon napping, I think I've recovered from the past week of rehearsals, interviews, long-distance driving, baby showers, and getting overly people-ed-out. Or at least 90% recovered. I wouldn't say no to another nap this afternoon.

Got my stuff back in order too. That's the first hint that I've been too busy with not enough rest: I tend to throw things around and leave it all in a mess rather than taking the time to put things in their proper place right away. A clean room = a calm room.

Started job hunting again, after a month of doing nothing about it. Granted, tutoring and rehearsals have put my job hunt, as well as my own sanity, on the back burner. I sent out two applications this morning, so I'm back on the wagon. Let's go jobs!

Feeling calmer and cooler today, overall. Thank goodness for that. Pitta has been in overload mode for a while now. Getting back to balancing it out feels nice.

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