Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lessons from the vet

I had to take this chubby poofball to the vet yesterday because he wasn't eating and he wasn't drinking and he wasn't pooping properly. I try really hard not to feed him anything weird, or give him too many treats, but it's hard with that face and the fact that the only way I've managed to make him sit still to nail clipping is to give him carrots. I guess I have him too much. Not to mention that my parents like to feed him behind my back too, so I never really know how much he's getting because they don't tell me, even when I ask.

So he spend a night at the vet's taking meds to make him poop and being hydrated. He had masses of poops, the vet said, and should be ok. A sample is being done in the lab to make sure Mo doesn't have parasites. He's not a 100%, but he's drinking and eating and pooping right again. He does seem pretty tired, poor guy.

Lesson #1: I am willing to pay the $500 for vet hospital care. It didn't come down to that much, because Mo responded really well to the meds, but still. There are some things I'll shell out for, and this is one of them.

Lesson #2: Keeping a delicate pet like a rabbit while keeping my parents educated as to what he needs is no easy task. No matter how I yell at them, or how I tell them that rabbits are NOT DOGS AND NO HE CANNOT EAT THAT, the message doesn't really get through.

Lesson #3: Vets see stupid people who do stupid things to their pets all the time. They get frustrated too when they see a patient who's owner is stupider than stupid.

My vet was kinda grumpy at me in the beginning, but today, when I went to pick Mo up, he was nicer. Apparently, it was a much more mild case than he thought. And that I wasn't as stupid as he thought I was.


Hedgetoad said...

maybe you should get your parents a dog to feed treats to... like a little one that the rabbit could eat if it got out of line. :)

bun2bon said...

We had a dog - he was 16 when he died. You get so attached with pets, and we had him from when he was just a teeny puppy, it'll be difficult now to get a new one.

But yes. My rabbit would probably eat a little dog if he got his paws on one. Voracious little booger-snot. >.-