Monday, July 12, 2010

Media Mondays: Copenhagen love

Screen capture from Google Maps.

This blog, half girl, has been on my radar for a little more than a year. I found it through another of my favorite fashion/style/photo blogs, and it is awesome. Whenever I feel dumpy, or dense, or gross in any sense, I go here and become inspired by the pretty pictures and little text.

Absolutely non-education related, it did put Copenhagen on the map for me. Not that I didn't know where Copenhagen was before, but I never knew it to be so...casually sophisticated. Not exactly the right words to describe it. You'll have to go and see half girl's blog yourself. Also, this one: Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

I'm pretty sure not ALL of Copenhagen is like this, just like not ALL of California are Hollywood hardbodies, or hippie-shaking vegans. But I'm intrigued, and I definitely want to go. And since I truly believe travel is just another form of education, well, then I suppose it is education related after all.


Yeni said...

Bonnie girl!
I have been to Copenhagen, it is a wonderful place. There are brightly painted buildings along the canal, and it is truly just a dreamy, picturesque little town. Very cool people too, although the weather can be chilly there. I bet the girl is cool anyway, but it doesn't hurt to be from such a great place! I hope you go there soon, you will love it.

bun2bon said...

I bet it's awesome! It's definitely on my list of "To Go's." Gotta save up that travel money. ^_-