Friday, July 9, 2010

When a week feels like years

Enjoy the Great Meadow of Carrots Beyond. You'll be able to eat as much as you want without getting sick.

So much has happened since last week. A summary:

- I was offered a 0.8 eighth grade Algebra teaching position, with maybe a sixth grade social studies or a math intervention period thrown in. Of course I accepted. I will definitely start the BTSA this fall.

- I canceled my flight to Hong Kong and notified the NET position people that I had accepted earlier. Sad that I don't get to go now, but glad that I got a bigger offer last minute.

- I also told my current bosses about the changes. Will be back to tutoring and art teaching for the rest of the summer. I might even be on the sub list for art teaching in the fall - they have classes out by my new middle school too.

- My rabbit died suddenly. He was getting better after the first visit to the vet's, and taking his meds. But he regressed. I'm less sad about his actual dying than about how young he was when he went - only a little more than a year old! I had him for only 50 weeks, just under a year! I was so looking forward to bringing him with me and sharing new adventures with him in a new home. I know that's life, but it really isn't fair. The vet did an autopsy and I'll know the results when I go in to pick up his cage and settle the bill today. Oh Momo. ::sigh::

- Math CSET tomorrow afternoon. I am so not ready. And after Mo died, I don't have the energy or concentration to study more than an hour a day. My weakest areas are real analysis and statistics - the two topics I never took as an undergrad. It crossed my mind to not go - but I think I actually have a chance at scraping a pass. That, and it's too late to change the test date. Nor do they refund your $70-per-subtest fee. And Momo would not have given up. He tried all his life to jump over his enclosure - a good three-and-a-half feet tall. He managed to cling, spiderman-like, to the top of the cage, but of course a little bunny won't have the power to clear that fence. Still, he persisted. I should at least try my best too.

Hm. Looking at this now, it doesn't seem like a lot has happened in black and white. But it has felt like a long, long time.

Also of note: I think I can make a Fibonacci lesson using rabbits. Yes, it might work. And I can ask the local rabbit shelter (which I signed up to volunteer with) to bring some bunnies to school - or maybe have students go there for extra credit.


Joan said...

I'm so sorry about your bunny. Losing pets is always so stinkin' hard.

But I love the idea of using rabbits for a Fibonacci lesson. Might integrate it with some science. =)

Ricochet said...

I am so sorry about your bunny.

I am so happy about your job! I know you are feeling mixed emotions.