Sunday, August 15, 2010


我 是 伍 婌 停。 我 是 一 个 老 師。
I am Wu Shu Ting. I am a teacher.

Note: Ricochet made a good point - I should translate whatever I write in Chinese on the blog. The whole point is to make my own documents in Chinese, translated from the English version, for my student's parents to read anyway. Any hey, if some one ends up learning Chinese from reading the English, I'm cool with that.

Note #2: How do I get the traditional character for "个" instead of the simplified? I like traditional characters better. I have a feeling the parents of my students will too.


Ricochet said...

Coming in loud and not clear (no habla Chinese)

bun2bon said...

haha. sorry, it says "I am ::my chinese name::. I am a teacher."