Monday, August 9, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

As happy as a sea otter and a hippo.

...and when the sun shines, it SHINES. Two pieces of really cool news, plus friends visiting me in my new abode made my day today. The news:

a) I passed subtest I and II on the math CSET! w00t!

b) I get a FREAKING EXPENSE ACCOUNT to set up my classroom. The account has no expiration date, and I can use it at any time during the year, or even next year.

The latter really takes the cake. I didn't even know that could even happen! I was prepared to outfit my classroom entirely out of my own pocket - and I will end up buying some stuff that way - but SRSLY??!! I'm going to get reimbursed? I save my receipts, fill out a form, drop it in the box for the principal to sign, and wait for a check to magically appear in my mailbox from the district office?? Did I just die and go to teacher-heaven?

Also: Yes. I'm spelling SRSLY the way twelve year olds spell it. It is THAT amazing. Because I come from teaching at schools where the windows fall out of the walls.

Now I'm feeling a little guilty. Especially when I personally know people in much less fortunate schools than mine.

Today has been a happy day. There were other bits of info that made me happy. And hanging out with friends is, of course, great. AND I got to eat Thai food. But these two little nuggets of dork-dom ROCKED. Hard.

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