Friday, September 17, 2010

Dead bug

Fuzzy bug.

I love my 6th period class. It has the highest number of the most annoying, most air headed, most quick-thinking, and most hilarious kids out of all my classes this year.

I've told them that they are my favorite class because it's the last class of the day. But I like this group for more reasons than that. Reason #1:

Setting: Friday, of the first week of school

Me: ::going on about some math stuff::

Asian Gurl: AHHHHH!!!

Me: ::turns immediately towards her, eyebrows raised, teacher glare on HIGH::

Asian Gurl: There's a bug, Ms. B!

Musician's Son: Ooh! Ooh! Let me get it Ms. B!

Me: Alright, do it quickly and quietly please.

(Entire class silently watches Musician's Son get up, gently scoop up the bug, and walk towards the door)

Musician's Son: Whoops! ::trips on the rug at the door, drops the bug, and steps on it. He stares at the dead bug for half a second, with me and the entire class staring at him. Then, he shrugs and swipes his foot over the bug to scoot it it's carcass out the door::

6th period: ::laughter erupts::

I had tears in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. It was a wonderful moment. And hey, he did do it quickly and quietly - on his part at least.

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